First Line in Health

First Line in Health s the only event in Canada dedicated to the development, organization and management of front-line, community-based care and services. This year’s theme is Agents of Change: Inspire, Connect and Act.

Over two days, you’ll discover a selection of tried-and-tested projects, tools, technologies, services, care organization and management models that will inspire you.

Focusing on the realities of clinicians and managers, this event showcases innovations that are helping to improve access, service delivery and expertise in Canadian healthcare.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to exchange ideas with other healthcare professionals, sharpen your expertise and enhance your network of contacts.

First Line in Health 2024

In a few words:

The “Change Actors: Inspire, Connect and Act” event highlights the individuals, organizations, and initiatives mobilized to create a positive impact in their communities and beyond. The event aims to celebrate the efforts of change-makers and foster the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and best practices to inspire fruitful collaborations.

Event’s Highlights:

Inspiring Conferences:

Renowned speakers and seasoned change-makers will share their inspiring stories, experiences, and approaches to creating positive impact in areas such as health, environment, education, human rights, social economy, and more. They will share innovative ideas and effective strategies for tackling contemporary social challenges.

Interactive roundtables:

Thematic roundtables will enable participants to discuss current issues, obstacles, as well as opportunities related to creating positive change. The sessions will encourage the exchange of ideas, constructive debate, and the formulation of concrete solutions to social challenges.

Presentations of projects and initiatives:

Change-makers will have the opportunity to present their projects, initiatives, and success stories, highlighting the tangible actions they have taken to create a positive impact. This will inspire participants and provide them with concrete examples of innovative solutions.

Networking sessions:

Dedicated networking moments will offer participants the opportunity to meet and exchange with other change agents, experts, and potential partners. This will foster collaborations, synergies, and growth opportunities to amplify the impact of initiatives.

Interactive activities:

Practical workshops, technology demonstrations, exhibitions of social innovations, and interactive activities will enable participants to discover tools, methodologies, and concrete solutions to support their own actions for change.