First Line in Health is an event produced and realised by Productions Plakett INC.

A young company on the rise, discover the faces behind this not-to-be-missed event.

Isabelle Girard

The Songwriter

Producer and CEO of Productions Plakett, Isabelle is the creator of the First Line in Health event. A former nurse and CEO of Plakett Services Cliniques, Isabelle understands the challenges of the first line and wants to help improving it through her event. It’s thanks to her that we can offer such an outstanding program.

Philippe Trudelle

The Artistic director

Philippe is the creative head of the event. A former 3D animator, he is keen to offer an event with a guiding visual line for First Line in Health.

Cyndy Lamouroux

The Orchestra Conductor

As marketing and event coordinator, Cyndy’s goal is to ensure that the event runs smoothly from A to Z, whether that is for participants, exhibitors, or speakers. Her diverse experience in a wide range of professional fields means she’s proficient on all fronts.